GTA for Cheats 2.1.12

An application that provides cheat codes for every release of Grand Theft Auto

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GTA for Cheats is an amazing app for those who play the Grand Theft Auto franchise because it comes with cheats for all those games.

No matter what edition of this franchise that you play or played, you probably heard about the Hot Coffee controversy. Developers working on a previous edition of the game added a hot coffee scene that included some content not fit for all audiences. Players accidentally stumbled upon that scene and shared it with others, which led to developers putting more hidden scenes inside the games and adding more cheats that players could use.

Finding those cheat codes once required that you visit a lot of different websites and that you try a lot of codes to find ones that actually work. GTA for Cheats eliminates all the hard work and puts all the codes that you can use on your phone. This app is suitable for anyone who plays the game series.

The app includes information relating to all games in the series. You can scan down the list of titles to pick the game that you play like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto V. The top of the screen will show you the different ways you can play that game. You simply click on the game type to load a list of cheat codes. The app offers codes that will work on the XBOX One and XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, PS4 and personal computers.

Codes for the PS3 and PS4 will show you what combination of buttons you can press and in which order to press those buttons. Similar codes are available for XBOX consoles, but the cheat codes for computers usually use a combination of letters and numbers. The app features codes that will work and codes that other players tested in the past.

Though some people feel like using cheat codes is akin to cheating, using these codes can help you unlock tools and supplies that will help you advance through each level in the game faster. You'll find codes that give you armor for fighting bad guys or an unlimited health supply that will keep villains from killing you in the game. Some codes will even unlock hidden levels or vehicles that you didn't know existed. GTA for Cheats contains so many codes for so many games that you'll want to open it and look over its lists every time you play a Grand Theft Auto game.


  • Is easy to use
  • Includes cheats, codes and tips for all games in the franchise
  • Covers both console and computer versions of those games
  • Gives you simple lists of the cheats you can use in each game


  • Does not offer helpful info on beating levels or getting through the games
  • Lacks the maps that cheat code sites often feature
  • Can sometimes give you a little too much information for some titles

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